How CDN plays a vital role in enhancing your website performance?

How CDN plays a vital role in enhancing your website performance?

Are you struggling for an under-performing website? Here is a brilliant remedy for you. Implementing a Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a productive approach to accelerate the performance & truncate the unnecessary resource utilization in a website.

What is a CDN?

A Content Distribution Network or Content Delivery Network is a layer in the internet ecosystem, which aims to provide high availability and performance by providing the service geographically to the end-users, through distributed proxy servers network and their data centres.

Features of CDN:

  • Enhances web page load time by channelizing & delivering the content through the content distributing network.
  • Increases availability by serving most of the content from its cache using the CDN edge server when traffic is more. Fetching content this way reduces the load on the actual servers. Also, even if someday the main servers fail, the content can be used from the CDNs cache. In the meantime, technical support can use this buffer to fix the server issues. Utilizing this period ensures that there is no downtime.
  • Provides website security by creating a line of defence for any attacks on your website. CDN edge or PoP server being at the forefront in the system, they filter good traffic from bad traffic and ensure the highest level of security.


How CDN benefits websites?

  • CDNs are primarily meant for content-heavy websites, though it works equally useful for other web sites as well in improving page load time and boosting performance.
  • Distributed server network allows CDN to deliver your static website content, like JavaScript, CSS, Images, Videos, etc., from the nearest location of your visitor and ensures rapid deployment & improves server response time.
  • CDN makes sure that your website is globally available.
  • Server location plays a vital role in website performance from the visitor side, irrespective of the hosting server (Cloud, Shared or Dedicated) & the number of resources you are using. Here, CDN bridges the gap between the location and the files to reduce disk space, resources & bandwidth usage to ensure quick distribution of content between website host & visitor.
  • CND works for all website’s types and hosting server platforms.
  • Even in days of surged traffic, CDN ensures that there is not over-consumption of resources.
  • CDN improves website ranking in search engines.

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Thus, if you are aiming to maximize business engagements & profits, CDN is what you need.  All you need to start by configuring your web site with CDN to increase speed & reduce the resource usage in parallel. Another benefit of using CDN is that it does not require any advanced level coding knowledge. Thus, CDN is a useful solution for both novice & experienced users.

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