Are you confused in choosing the right domain name extension? Here is a quick guide!

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Are you confused in choosing the right domain name extension? Here is a quick guide!

The top-level domains extensions are highly confusing when it comes it picking up the most appropriate one for your website. And the problem arises soon after finalizing the domain name. Let us take a deep dive to understand the concept first.

What is Domain name extension?

Domain name extension or the Top-level domains (TLDs) is the suffix of the domain name. For example, in ‘’, .com is the domain name extension. The domain name and domain name extension together give you a workable address through which people all over the world can access you.

What is its importance?

  • The extension is the portion of a domain name which directs the traffic to your website.
  • It also implies the nature of your website.

For Example, if it a business website, then the audience will most likely expect .com, whereas if it is an educational website, then .edu will be more significant.

How to decide upon the extension?

It is essential to set a location first before you start any business. For example, whether you want to sell your products from your home, or you want to set up an office. Your business must have an address to mark its existence. Similarly, for any online business, there must be some address. This address is a combination of a domain name & a domain name extension.

To begin with any website, you need to have both. The domain name can be anything relevant to your business but paying attention to the extension part is quite essential. Top website development company in India take the end-to-end responsibility to enrich the enterprises.

Factors to consider:

  • The purpose of your website
  • Location of business
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Types of extensions:

  • Generic Domain Extensions
  • Sponsored Domain Extensions
  • Generic-Restricted Domain Extensions
  • Country Code Domain Extensions

Common TLDs:

Though all of us are very much familiar with the .com extension, which is supposedly the most common one too, yet with the availability of numerous others, coming to a decision becomes difficult. Every extension gives a new identity to domain names. Two same domain names can act differently with two different extensions. According you can make a purchase. There are more than four hundred extensions available on the web, but below are the basic ones:

  • .com (Commercial)
    • Most popular one
    • Used for commercial websites, though it can be used for other kinds of websites also.
  • .co (Company)
    • Used for a company website.
  • .net (Network)
    • Used for network websites
    • Can be a substitute for [dot]com extension
    • Quite applicable for tech companies
  • .org (Organization)
    • Used for organizations, especially, NPOs or NGOs
    • Not ideal for business or private organizations
  • .edu (Education)
    • Used only by colleges and educational institutions
  • .info (Information)
    • Used for websites which share information & are not for business purpose
  • .biz (Business)
    • A great alternative for .com extension
    • Used for business websites
  • .me (Personal)
    • Used for personal blogs or websites
    • Not for commercial content

There are even extensions based on the country code, which are 2-letter names, for example, .in, .uk, etc.


Picking up a domain name extension is a compelling task even more than choosing a domain name as this extension will carry the essence of your website. You need to have some knowledge before taking up the domain name. If you need any assistance, log on to


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