10 reasons why you should implement SSL certificate today

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10 reasons why you should implement SSL certificate today

Today, a mere website is not just enough to run a business unless it is a certified one! With so much cybercrime fear around the world, it is the time to take over & reduce scams. Ensuring SSL certificate for websites is one of the best ways to cease any cybercrime activities that could lead to damage to a website & its ware bout.  Enforcing SSL certificate will also help users build trust towards that the brand & its philosophy. Best website development company in Hyderabad always suggests businesses going with SSL certification for their websites.

For your easy understanding, let us give you more reasons why it is high time to protect your website with an SSL certificate.

1. Shields website

With the robust encryption, SSL certificate protects the website’s sensitive data and ensures website security. This encryption tunnel between client & the webserver makes all transferred data unreadable and thereby ceases all chances of malicious activities. Not installing SSL certificate may allow hackers or cyber criminals in breaching the data.

2. Strengthens authenticity

SSL certificate is issued by certification authorities which perform stringent verification process for all the applicants before publishing to ensure safety & authenticity for the website.

3. Builds Customer trust

Any website which has HTTPS in the URL is an SSL certified website. This https word is only enough for customers to trust your business. With this assurance, they can think of taking up the services from your website.

4. Secures traffic

Having an SSL certificate for your website also gives green signal to web browsers for any uninterrupted service. It allows your website for seamless user traffic from all sources without any security warnings. Hence using SSL certificate helps in building long term relationships with clients.

5. Not expensive

SSL certificate being mandatory for authentication, it is quite reasonable and does not create a toll on the businesses for maintenance.

6. A mandate for shopping websites

If you have an eCommerce website, you need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and for that, you must have an SSL certificate.

7. Augmented brand reputation

Having a safe & secure approach always creates a positive & lasting impression on the viewers. Users also get assured for sharing information which will not be breached by hackers at any cost.

8. Google policy compliant

Google counts on those websites that are SSL certified. So, if you aspire to come in Google’s eye, SSL is mandatory for you. This feature will also help you take brownie points if your competitors do not have an SSL certificate.

9. Improves SEO ranking

A website with SSL certificate will always have a privilege in the search engines. It helps to rank high in the search engines and get an edge over competitors.

10. Boost load speed

HTTPS websites do not test human’s patience! They load faster than the ones with HTTP and aid in SEO ranking to a great extent.

Wrapping up:

One can now easily understand how much necessary an SSL certificate is, for your website. If you want to unleash the power of your website, go for SSL certification. VIVID MYND provides hassle-free SSL certification for business websites. Just visit https://enterprise.vividmynd.in for more details.


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