Which server hosting is better for your website - cloud hosting or dedicated server?

Which server hosting is better for your website - cloud hosting or dedicated server?

In today’s time, one cannot dare to escape from creating a website to run a business. Instead, enterprises are fragmentary without a website as it defines you and your business. However, even creating a high-octane webpage is not enough; it is of no use until it is hosted at a server which is fast, reliable & cost-effective. Here, it is particularly important to understand how necessary it is to host website fittingly so that you never fail to express yourself!

But choosing the right server for a business website involves considering far-reaching implications. We can help you understand better.

Primarily, there are two types of web hosting servers:

Cloud hosting

    Cloud server hosting creates a virtual environment using multiple servers to host the website instead of hosting on the physical, local hardware. Hence it provides ample space & resources required for your website, which ensures higher scalability & proper resource utilization. With everything virtually done, this is a cost-effective & reliable hosting platform, and you only pay for space and resources without any other hidden charges. A Cloud server is ideal for both small & large businesses.

    Dedicated servers

      Dedicated servers are the traditional & conventional ones which started much before the cloud server surfaced. In dedicated servers, customers purchase a shared or dedicated space on the server to host the website.

      • Shared server is where there is sharing of server space & resources between one or more than customers.
      • Dedicated server does not allow space & resource sharing. Rather customers can own the complete server for themselves and host their website there.

      Dedicated servers are usually used by large enterprises to ensure the highest level of security. For small businesses, it is not advisable as it may turn out to be costly and, it also required expert knowledge to maintain the dedicated server. These servers save the website at a specific location and use various other systems to manage your hosted webpages.


      Top web hosting company in Hyderabad offers all kinds of hosting plans to befit all industry sizes and verticals.

      How to make a wise choice between these Cloud & Dedicated servers?

      Whichever hosting server you choose, you must ensure that the server fulfils the following requirements:

      • Matches the business needs
      • Be scalable & cost-effective
      • Should complement the operating procedures
      • Workload management
      • Work at High speed with minimum load time
      • Resource optimization

      Both cloud & dedicated hosting servers have pros and cons, but the final decision depends on factors like company budget, the scope of work & business prospects. VIVID MYND provides end-to-end solutions with complete assistance at ensuring seamless hosting of websites. With vast experience in dealing with small & large-scale businesses, VIVID MYND has come a long way and takes pride in being the best web hosting company in Hyderabad.

      Final word:

      Every business needs a website and a secure server to host it on. Companies can suffer heavily by choosing an inappropriate server platform. Users might leave your page without even creating a session, and your rankings may drop massively. Any loss can impact on the business bottom line and create an unkind image on the customers. To avoid such situations, you may consult VIVID MYND through on the link https://enterprise.vividmynd.in



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